Sunday, September 16, 2012

So Many Septembers Begin This Way

So many Septembers begin this way

The bees diving into cups of lemonade

Children arriving early to school on the first day
Until mid-week when sleep is all they want to do

 Confused by noisy rush hour
Squirrels make a dash across streets.
Then stammer together in the middle with their partners
Like some polka dance gone afoul

Clouds frown grey

During frosty mornings
Toes curl under
In search of warmth from sandals
Refusing to hibernate for the year

Day drops off into night
Like falling off a cliff in a dream
Hypnotized into deep slumber

Trees ache with age
Cast off their leaves
Some with scarlet edges
Reminding us it is almost time

To pick apples
Jump in leaves six feet high
And get lost in a field of corn

We must put away those sandals
And shovel our way through the day

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